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SOLE Mama is a free online forum about eating fresh healthy food from local farmers and doing it on a tight budget.

It’s about sharing the love and pooling everyone’s resources to find the best value nutritional food you can locally for your family’s health, but not spending a fortune in the process.

It’s about buying direct from Farm Gates, Farmer’s Markets and finding organic food that doesn’t break the bank.

It’s people who want to minimalise waste and to give something back to the planet to safeguard our kid’s futures. And it’s about helping Aussie Battlers to keep their jobs and to stay on farms.

SOLE Mama’s know how to give their family the best they can without breaking the bank AND still find a way to give back to the community and the planet.

Why? We’re tired of tasteless food

We’ve all heard the stories about how the supermarket food’s already old when it gets to us and we know it, because it goes off really quickly when we get it home. We see our kids developing food allergies and getting cranky from those numbered additives in packet food and from gases and pesticides used on commercial produce. And we want to know what else we can give them.

By buying locally sourced food, the first thing you’ll find is that it’s tastier. When the flavour is still there it doesn’t need much seasoning to make it yummy.

What you can’t see is it is that it’s still packed with the essential nutrients that die off while it’s cooped up in warehouses enroute to supermarkets.

Then there’s the added benefit that if you’re also eating older style (Heritage and Heirloom) breeds of produce. They’re slow grown, often contain more fibre and are generally more filling. So you don’t need as much to fill up on and you get all the benefits of dietary fibre for your tummy without needing supplements.

Why SOLE Mama?

Why? Because there was a time when Mama knew best and today’s mums need a little nurturing, advice and chat to help us along. So this is a little corner of cyberspace dedicated to people who want to eat better, cheaper and more sustainably. Most of the action will be on our forum, so pull up to the kitchen counter for a chat.

On the forum you’ll find hints, tips and people to talk to. You can ask questions, post topics to discuss with the other people online, participate in existing conversations and go into a chat room. You can share with others where your favourite Farmer’s market is, your favourite market stall or where you get your Seasonal Veggie Box delivered from.

There will be recipes you can read – or contribute to - and regular newsletters. Down the track we’re also aiming to send you a menu plans to help with ideas and budgeting.

Best yet we will be listing places both here on the website - on the column to the right - and on the forum, where you can get your groceries, fresh, meat, fruit and vegetables - whether they’re organic, sustainable or heritage. All our listings will be for locally sourced produce. And you can tell us about your favourites too.

So you’ll find tips on the closest farmers market to Ringwood, or Penrith; which farmers will deliver to you; where to find suppliers of local organic, wine, cheeses and meat; which suburban butchers CAN answer your questions on sourcing. And where (and more importantly WHY) you can get your carrots from the source.

There’s even a section for people who want to grow a bit of fresh food food themselves.

Back to basics

Some us of didn’t have the chance to learn the old classics in the kitchen, so if you grew up thinking that roast chicken came from a shop, you’ll find SOLE Mama’s are on hand to show you how to make simple, cheap and healthy food for your family.

You won’t find any SOLE Mama recipes with “and add a cup of pre-made, store-bought custard” or “and then top with some store-bought cheese sauce” though. It’s all about getting hints and tips on how to eat and shop more ethically, with dead easy recipes that make the most of what you’ve got because you know at the very least your kids deserve it.

Getting to the heart of SOLE

One person’s SOLE might be a totally vegetarian organic diet … somebody else’s SOLE might be buying – as much as possible – from local sources. Someone else’s SOLE might be to eat only what’s in season.

SOLE’s about going back to basics, to a time when life wasn’t so complicated. You know, when food had real flavour without needing to add an expensive jar of sauce packed with flavour enhancers?

It’s about a time when the food was just plain good for us and we didn’t need to add extra folate, iron, calcium, and vitamins to it, because we hadn’t already killed off the nutrients to get the stuff to the supermarket in the first place. And if you don’t know what to do with the fresh stuff, SOLE Mama’s will show you.

Visit the Forum and meet other SOLE Mama’s

The SOLE Mama’s forum is free to view without signing in, but if you want to join in and hang out swapping stories, ideas or recipes, joining up is too easy. It costs nothing, takes just a minute and once onboard, you’ll also receive our email newsletters. All free. Along the way you might just make some great new friends.

This is a not-for-profit project being built in our spare time on free hosting by a ordinary people. We just know that there needs to be a corner in the cyberspace as a resource and community hub. So do yourself a favour and hang out for a chat and a look around.

We’re not a bunch of tree-hugging neo hippies. We’re a group of ethically-minded food fanatics, who are always looking for the best, the freshest, and the best value REAL food around.

To go to the forum click here

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